Tactical Suction Kit


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Let’s face it, suction devices in a field medical pack can be a challenge. They’re big, bulky and heavy. Even most compact tactical suction devices, though smaller and lighter, can sometimes be a challenge to fit into kits. The Rescue Essentials Tactical Suction Kit was designed for those situations where you just don’t have the space.

This kit consists of a 70cc Toomey Syringe and a 6” piece of flexible tubing. You can attach the tubing to the catheter tip or remove the tip and attach directly to the syringe. This provides a larger lumen, improved flow and less chance of obstruction.  

The syringe is roughly the size of a laryngoscope handle and will fit easily into most airway kits or the elastic retainer loops in your med pack. Being a syringe, it can also serve double duty as a wound irrigation device using the catheter tip or the Luer slip tip adapter for needle irrigation. The Luer slip tip adapter is conveniently stored in the syringe plunger.