Public Access Trauma Cube - Advanced

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The White House Stop the Bleed initiative promotes empowering the public to respond to life-threatening trauma or injuries, specifically severe hemorrhage. Training and public access to proper Stop the Bleed tools are both critical to this mission.

Built on a unique platform that opens wide and offers maximum visibility and accessibility while maintaining a low profile. This advanced bleeding control kit is intended to provide life-saving medical supplies for public access in a variety of locations. The included components mirror the Texas House Bill 496 Stop the Bleed content requirements for use in public schools, and includes the additional hemostatic to conform to OSHA requirements and ANSI Standards for Bleeding Control Kits B.1.

This kit fits nicely in a thin, wall-mountable metal cabinet that is sold here


2    Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT), Orange
2    Hyfin Vent COMPACT Chest Seal, Twin Pack
1    H&H Thin H Bandage, Flat Fold
2    NAR Compressed Gauze
1    EMT Shears, 7.5"
1    Survival Rescue Blanket

2    Pair Nitrile Gloves, Large
1    RE Mini Sharpie Marker

1    Bleeding Control Instruction Card
2    QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing

Dimensions: 9.5" H x 9.5" W x 2.5" D
Weight: 2 lbs 1.8 oz


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