Rescue Essentials IM-PAL™

Rescue Essentials®

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COMING SOON 11 01 2023

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The Rescue Essentials IM-PAL™ is an impaled object stability system exclusively designed to quickly stabilize impaled objects with the goal of optimizing patient outcomes. 

Our Rescue Essentials IM-PAL™ represents an innovative solution – the first of its kind in its category. Prior to this, no procedure or device has been recommended for stabilizing impaled objects. Consequently, first responders often resort to adapting medical supplies to craft "improvised" stabilizing tools. This process is time-consuming and doesn't always provide a secure hold on the object.



  • Only device specifically designed to secure small to medium impaled objects, such as knives, scissors, etc.
  • Facilitates the development of best practice for stabilizing impaled objects
  • FDA clearance pending


  • For use on most body surface areas
  • Can be formed into many different angles and positions
  • May be modified to cover and protect embedded debris from road rash or shrapnel


  • Ready to use
  • Simple components that can quickly be positioned
  • Only 3 steps to stabilize object


Dimensions: 4.6" H x 4.2" W x 1" D
Weight: 2 oz