Universal Tourniquet Holder Gen2

Rescue Essentials®

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The newest generation of the Rescue Essentials Universal Tourniquet Holder is designed to ensure quality and performance. A fully integrated tourniquet cover protects clothing from abrasion against hook material on tourniquets. Its laser cut TQ identifier has adjustable contrast control: Utilize the red face of the tourniquet panel for enhanced visibility with red lettering. For moderate contrast, simply flip the panel to reveal subdued grey coloring. To achieve low contrast, remove the panel altogether.  

This tourniquet holder is crafted with precision. The backside features laser-cut TPE PALS offering both vertical and horizontal mounting capabilities. The inclusion of an integrated duty belt loop ensures a more secure attachment to belts compared to the Mod strap alternative. Additionally, the design incorporates a dedicated 5.5” EMT Shears slot, conveniently providing storage space for both shears and tourniquet.


  • Full tourniquet cover   
  • Laser cut TQ identifier with unique adjustable contrast control 
  • Laser cut TPE PALS on backside
  • Duty belt loop
  • MOLLE strap included 
  • 5.5” EMT Shears slot

Dimensions: 7” H x 2.5” W x 2” D
Weight: 2.5 oz