Rocket Bands - EPDM Black Rubber Bands - 10 Pack Variety

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Rubber bands on steroids! These bands are tougher and more resilient than any you have seen. What sets them apart is their composition; they are made out of double-thick EPDM rubber, and designed specifically for functioning in the outdoors. EPDM has a working temperature from -50 to 300 degrees, works well in water, and does not break down from exposure to sunlight the way regular rubber bands do. Simply put, they're the toughest rubber bands available. Whether attaching critical gear like tourniquets to packs or vests, or simply holding gear together, you'll come to think of Rocket Bands as your Go-To solution for a huge range of attachment applications.


  • Made out of EPDM Rubber for outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance
  • Holds gear securely in place, and can be easily removed when needed
  • Used as tinder, Rocket Bands burn for minutes, producing a large flame
  • Made in USA

Assortment Includes:

4ea     1½" x ½" bands
3ea     3½" x ½" bands
3ea     3½  x ⅜" bands

The 3.5" bands stretch to approximately 11" when full stretched.


Weight: 0.7oz