Tactical Pocket BVM

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The Tactical Pocket BVM is a resuscitator custom-crafted to cater to the distinct requirements of tactical and special forces units. Its sleek black design ensures discreet usage, eliminating any risk of product visibility at night and minimizing the chance of light reflection.

Embraced by SWAT units, the Pocket BVM Tactical proves to be a lifesaving tool, especially in critical emergencies. When time is of the essence, paramedics can swiftly access all essential equipment, facilitating emergency clinical resuscitation or providing crucial breathing support to patients in distress, even in low-light conditions. With its unparalleled efficiency and ease of use, this resuscitator stands as an invaluable asset to Tactical teams, ensuring optimal readiness for any mission.


  • Saves 75% in space compared to standard BVM
  • Proven in military and civilian emergencies
  • Collapsible robust pack that withstands tough conditions
  • Can easily be passed from one paramedic to another
  • Top quality materials for top performance 
  • Disposable 
  • Transparent mask
  • Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) compatible. (All of the connectors conform to industry safety standards.)
  • Quick to deploy, and recovers shape easily
  • Grip is textured to prevent slippage
  • Highly discreet with black balloon that does not reflect light


  • Connections: Gas inlet tube 15mm length x 6mm O.D. Patient connector: outside - 22mm male, inside - 15mm female.
  • Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment): 30mm male
  • Resuscitator Volume: 1600 ml.
  • Bag Reservoir Volume: 2600 ml.
  • Size Unpacked: 8.5 in. long, 4.7 in. diameter (217mm length, 121mm diameter)
  • Body Mass Suitable for Use: >88lbs. (40kg)
  • Delivered Oxygen Concentration: 55% (at 2 L/min) to 100% (at 8 L/min) 


1 Bag (black)
1 Mask
1 Patient valve
1 Reservoir bag

Dimensions: 5.2" Diameter 
Weight: 15.8 oz

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