Talon Rescue Emergency Clothing Knife Accessories

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Add a band and a sheath to keep your Talon Rescue Emergency Clothing Knife secure and the blade covered.

The bands are designed to fit snuggly over the head of the Talon, while still being easy to remove for quick access when you need it.

The holsters provide carry options, either with a carabiner loop to attach to a rig or in a pack, while the belt holster option allows this to be worn on a duty belt, pack belt, or strapped to various locations. The Velcro retention straps allows for rapid removal when time is of the essence. 

The Talon Rescue Emergency Clothing Knife is an alternative to trauma shears and seat belt cutters, specifically designed by EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, racing uniforms, leathers, turnout gear, and other obstructions from a trauma patient without the use of trauma shears.

Made in USA

Protected by US Patent# 6,493,946 and Patents Pending