Rescue Essentials Bleeding Control Instructors Kit - Tourniquet Trainer


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The Rescue Essentials Bleeding Control Instructors Kit - Tourniquet Trainer includes material for learning and practicing both wound packing and tourniquet use. The intuitive TrueClot® Task Trainer provides a platform on which to conduct wet or dry wound packing training. The simulated large caliber gunshot wound can be packed with LUNA's Simulated Hemostatic Gauze while TrueClot Blood Simulant is pumped into the wound using the attached 1 liter squeeze bottle. Realistic simulated blood clots form on the gauze at the point of bleeding demonstrating the function of hemostatic gauze. The TrueClot Tourniquet Trainer demonstrates the realistic need for proper placement, application and pressure required for efficient hemorrhage control. This kit comes equipped with 2 squeeze bottles plus the valves and hoses for blood simulant, TrueClot Blood Simulant Concentrate, and hemostatic training gauze.

Blue training tourniquets are sold separately so the user can match their practice tool with the brand they will use in the field.

TrueClot Task Trainers are an excellent way to introduce your trainees and students to realistic hemorrhage control for Bleeding Control (B-Con), TCCC, TECC, TEMS, PHTLS, and general wound packing techniques or advanced hemostatic gauze training.

1     TrueClot Wound Models, GSW Large Caliber Wound with Bone
1     TrueClot Tourniquet Trainer
1     Bleeding Bottles with Tubing and Valves
2     Blood Mixing & Storage Bottles
1     TrueClot Replacement Flow Valves, 5 pack
4     TrueClot Blood Simulant Concentrate Packs (makes 1L of Blood Simulant each for 4 liters total)
10   TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Gauze, 12ft
2     Wound Pans for Blood Containment
12   Absorbent Underpad Chux
2     Disposal Bags for Used Training Supplies
20   Pair Nitrile gloves, Medium
20   Pair Nitrile gloves, Large
20   Pair Nitrile Gloves, X large
1     Storage & Transport Case

Dimensions:  16" H x 20" W x 8" D
Weight: 20 lbs

Download tourniquet trainer instructions.

Download TrueClot cleaning instructions PDF here.


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