LightKnife Holster

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The LightKnife is a multi-use holster designed to accommodate a wide selection of tactical hardware. Flashlights, folding knives, multitools, Leatherman Raptor Shears and pistol magazines can all fit into the LightKnife Holster. Anything up to 6” in length. A pair of 5.5” Shears can also be easily slid into a slot in the back of the holster. A unique side pocket on the holster can hold a USB rechargeable battery or two CR123 batteries for your tactical flashlight or bit drivers for your multitools.

An adjustable cover let’s you fit the cover securely to whatever size hardware you’re placing into the holster. Using larger items like flashlights, position the LightKnife hook and loop mount into the top position in the holster. For smaller items like multitools, folding knives or Raptor shears, you can quickly and easily reposition the cover mount to the lower position to fit those. The LightKnife comes with a MOLLE mount and integrated belt loop that can accommodate up to a 3” duty belt. Great addition to the MOLLEHead Mount for storage and organization in vehicles.

Dimensions: 5" H x 2" W x 1.75" D