NAR Responder Ballistic PPE Cummerbund IIIA

North American Rescue

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The practical Fire/EMS solution for personnel in active shooter and mass casualty incidents with an emphasis on integrating Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. This lightweight and comfortable cummerbund was developed for Fire/EMS for daily wear as well as RTF. The smaller cummerbund is made to decrease bulk and unnecessary ballistic overlap for smaller providers while still offering maximum coverage/protection, this increases comfort to the provider for extended wear, same advanced ballistic protection as the NIJ level IIIA armor package utilized in the vest, allows custom fit for smaller to medium sized providers, and provides multiple MOLLE attachment points

NIJ 0101.06 IIIA soft armor that has been special threat tested for advanced ballistic threats including fragmentation.

Now more than ever, your personal protection is paramount in the performance of your duties. Wearing ballistic protective equipment (BPE) is one of the best ways to help protect yourself in a violent environment. 

Pairs with NAR Responder Ballistic PPE Vest and NAR Responder Ballistic PPE Vest System.

Other colors available, please contact sales. 


  • Enhances comfort for daily wear
  • Reduces ballistic overlap and bulk
  • Increases fit and comfort for smaller care providers
  • Maximum Waist Size: 52"
  • NIJ 0101.06 IIIA material with additional special threats

NIJ 0101.06 Certified:

  • V50 – 357sig 125gr TMJ (new) | 1867 ft/s
  • P-BFS Avg. – 357sig 125gr TMJ | 27.3 mm
  • V50 – 44mag 240gr JHP (new) | 1661 ft/s
  • P-BFS Avg. – 44mag 240gr JHP | 36 mm

Special Threat tested for fragmentation:

  • V50 - 2gr RCC | 3060 ft/s
  • V50 - 4gr RCC | 2642 ft/s
  • V50 - 16gr RCC | 2244 ft/s
  • V50 - 17gr FSP (.22cal) | 2017 ft/s
  • V50 - 64gr RCC | 1866 ft/s
  • V50 – 9mm 127gr SXT (new) | 1754 ft/s
  • P-BFS Avg. – 9mm 127gr SXT | 24.6 mm
  • P-BFS Avg. – 40cal 165gr S+W Sp GDHP | 27.2 mm
  • P-BFS Avg. – 5.7x28 27gr SS195 | 17 mm
  • P-BFS Avg. – 5.7x28 27gr SS197 | 19.3 mm

Dimensions: 22" x 6" x 0.5", Maximum Waist Size: 52"
Weight: 1.7lb
Size: Small