Rescue Essentials Mini Rip-Away IFAK Pouch

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The Mini Rip Away IFAK Pouch is a scaled down version of our popular Compact IFAK Rip-Away Pouch.

Approximately 30% smaller than the Compact, the mini rip-away still has room for a full-size windlass tourniquet, chest seals, compressed gauze or hemostatic and a pressure dressing. This pouch employs the same internal load carrying pocket and elastic banding as the compact rip-away and has the same external PALS for accessory attachment. 


  • Rip away hook back with loop panel secure with quick release buckle
  • Clam-shell design
  • Grab Handle
  • Hook and loop ID Panel
  • Webbing for MOLLE attachments and accessories
  • Internal quick open pull-tongue
  • 6" MOD Straps included 

Dimensions: 6”H x 3”W x 2”D


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    Half the size, can still fit a lot.

    Posted by David Townsend on 06 24 2023

    Saw this on the New page while browsing the other day, so thought I would give it a try. Now to be fair I run an Eagle IFAK because of the ability to have the CAT inside and out of the elements, while the internal sled is easily removed from the IFAK. So I figured this would be a good set up at a small size, and here is what I have on it so far: Pros: Compact, half the size of RE GEN 1 & 2 IFAKs. Features removable molle panel, allowing the kit to be removed from the vest for use. Same materials as the other RE IFAKs, with normal molle loops on the sides, and laser cut on the front. 4” Flat Bandage, packing gauze, and survival blanket fit nicely on the elastic front panel, with a pair of gloves tucked beneath. The back panel has the elasticized pocket, and you can put a pair of Compact chest seals back there. I used the Hyfin Compact Vent seals, and had to separate them from each other, and fold them down a bit to get them to fit in. I don’t expect issues as I have had the compacts folded far smaller for a pocket kit and they worked fine. The side loops have a Mojo NPA and mini sharpie, and a SOFFT-W tucked behind the elastic strap. Cons: So, it says it will fit any of the current tourniquets internally. I had an extra CAT so as I built this out that went in. Once the kit was put together, I had a lot of issues in getting the kit closed. I had to cut a wound packing gauze and rolled gauze, and move the survival blanket from the two internal loops on the back panel to the front panel, and swap in a set of flat gloves. I swapped the CAT for the SOFFT-W and it closed pretty easily. The CAT I had was with a universal TQ holder, so I thought about throwing that on, but then it becomes the same size as the full size RE IFAKs width wise. All in all its still a 5* for me. It meets the needs for those that want a small kit but still want a full size TQ, or if you already have a TQ on your rig, you can absolutely pack a few more goodies in this like extra packing gauze or a larger dressing. Recommendation for RE, it would be awesome to have the ability to add pics, they can say a lot more than I can.