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It is critical to manage and prevent hypothermia when caring for trauma patients, but it is easily neglected during casualty evacuation. Even when patients are covered with mylar blankets the heat loss prevention is not ideal. The QuikLitter™ Blizzard Lite is an integrated solution for both evacuation and outstanding hypothermia prevention. The QuikLitter Blizzard Lite combines our popular QuikLitter Lite with the PerSys Blizzard Hypothermia Blanket.

Utilizing ReflexCell technology, the Blizzard EMS Blanket provides an effective and direct route for patient stabilization and the treatment of hypothermia caused by environmental exposure, traumatic injury causing blood loss, and other conditions affecting the body’s ability to regulate its core temperature.

The EMS Blizzard Blanket completely surrounds the patient in insulating material, greatly reducing the effects of wind and convective cooling on the patient. The blanket can be easily opened for patient assessment and then re-sealed to contain heat. Since the blanket is attached to the litter with Velcro, it can easily be separated for independent use, but stays in place through windy conditions or on sloped surfaces.

QuikLitter Lite is rated to carry a 750 lb load.

Dimensions: 74" H x 27" W (open)
10.5" H x 7.5" W x 3.5" D (packaged)
Weight: 21.3 oz
Capacity: 750 lbs (340 kg)

*NOT A DRAG DEVICE. Designed for patient carry only.*

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Directions for Use 

QuikLitter Blizzard Lite, Orange (30-0088)

QuikLitter Blizzard Lite, Green (30-0092)