Blizzard EMS Blanket - Orange, Flat Packed

PerSys Medical

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***This Product Cannot Be Shipped Internationally

This hypothermia prevention blanket utilizes Reflexcell™ technology, a construction technique that includes 2 expandable layers of metalized material and an elastic core. This allows baffles to form, trapping warm air between a patient and the surrounding elements. This version of the Blizzard Blanket is flat-folded and vacuum-packed to minimize cube space - ideal for professionals such as EMS, SAR, Ski Patrol, CBP, etc.

The Blizzard Blanket is also sold in a "half-sized" version, the Blizzard Compact Blanket for situations with highly limited cube space.

Dimensions: 4.7" H x 4.3" W x 2" D (packed)
Dimensions: 7' 7.7" L x 6' 5.2" W
Weight: 8.8 oz