Rescue Essentials QuikLitter Drag

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This QuikLitter™ Drag was designed as an alternative to our Original QuikLitter, made with the same heavy duty nylon webbing (1700#) backed with a lightweight water-resistant non-woven material. A 1650# Cobra-like metal retention buckle and strap ensures safe transport and transfer of injured individuals.  The durable 18mm truck tarpaulin drag panel on the bottom allows for the intended purpose of dragging one person.

The QuikLitter™ Drag ensures safe transport and transfer of injured individuals when access can be difficult. It is especially useful where rapid evacuations are needed.


  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Metal retention buckle
  • Retention strap
  • Reinforced 18mm drag panel
  • Latex free
  • 10 hand holds
  • Used for patient carry or drag

Instructions for Drag Use

1. Lay patient flat on the QuikLitter Drag with legs apart.
2. Pull end of QuikLitter Drag near patient’s feet up to handles where retention strap is located.
3. Thread retention strap through the handles from the foot end.
4. Tighten retention strap.
5. Push patients legs together.
6. Grab handle(s) at head of QuikLitter Drag and begin drag.


Dimensions: 72" H x 27" W
Weight:  1 lb 9 oz


Click here to download the Instructions for Use