Xtract®SR Rescue Litter (With or Without Backpack)


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The Xtract®SR is a rescue litter designed for first responders to quickly move patients from their point of incident to further definitive care. Unlike traditional stretchers, the XtractSR provides a cocoon for the patient so they can be lifted or pulled across challenging environments without compromising patient care or provider safety.

Packed into a backpack measuring only 9″ x 22″, the Xtract SR can be deployed to the patient’s side at the point of wounding.

At the heart of the Xtract SR is a Duralite-fabric cocoon that conforms and adjusts quickly to the variable sizes and shapes of each patient. Once in the XtractSR, patient accessibility is maintained and heat loss is reduced within the natural cocoon body position combined with the optional Element Protection System (EPS). A detachable, and replaceable, ridged sled base with high-density foam padding further protects and comforts the patient during transport. The padded base is replaceable, and is available separately, as are the X-Straps (see options above).

For the first responder, the patient cocooned in the Xtract®SR can be pulled, or lifted, with minimal fatigue and a reduced risk of injury. With the straps engaged in the pulling position, providers utilize the large muscle groups in their legs and shoulders to efficiently move the patient across undefined terrain. In addition to needing fewer responders and freeing up the arms and hands of the provider for stability and secondary functions, the engineered design position of the pull straps promote a more neutral head position for the patient.

  • Lightweight: Weighs less than 7lbs allowing it to be easily carried.
  • Strong: The Duralite fabric has been extensively tested and rated to 600 pounds. The Xtract SR is not rated for vertical rescue.
  • Patient Care: The patient is cocooned within the Xtract SR but accessible to the care provider. The drag position promotes a more neutral head position for the patient.
  • Provider Safety: The patient can be pulled using the large muscle groups to reduce provider fatigue and injury and keep the hands accessible for stability and other tasks.
  • Temperature Management: The Element Protection System (EPS) provides protection from the elements while maintaining body heat and patient access. An optional single-use, inflatable life bed can be quickly inflated under the patient to provide further comfort and maintain core body temperature.

The XtractSR's uses are limited only by your own imagination. Specific to the military, the XtractSR is designed to assist the process of reducing preventable deaths on the battlefield. In an Active Shooter or SWAT Standby situation, extracting patients from hot and warm zones is expedited. Prisons and Correctional Facilities face unique challenges regarding personal safety and patient care, and the Xtract SR provides a solution for quickly dragging injured patients from harm’s way to safe zones. Beach Patrollers know that cot wheels just don’t cut it on the sand. The Xtract SR can be deployed to the point of incident, hypothermia can be treated and the patient can be pulled, and/or carried, with minimal resources. For EMS providers, 6” of snow can be challenging and dangerous. The Xtract SR can be easily pulled through the snow with the patient warmly cocooned inside. Ski Patrollers appreciate that the lightweight and compact Xtract SR can be worn as a backpack, deployed at the patient’s side and pulled to the next transportation point. Wilderness Rescue and SAR units like being prepared to overcome natural obstacles, which is essential to search and rescue operations involving large areas of wilderness and backcountry. The Xtract SR provides a compact and lightweight solution to carrying and/or pulling patients across natural terrain and over long distances.

MCI, sports stadiums, arenas, concert venues, amusement parks, water parks, golf courses, forestry, border patrol, homeland security … the list goes on and the Xtract SR helps deliver patients from the point of incident to definitive care.

6 ft 10 in / 2 m 8 cm (not adjusted)
Length: 4 ft 10 in / 1 m 47 cm (adjusted)
Width (Max):  38 in / 96 cm 
Packed in Backpack: 22" L x 9" D
Weight: 6.8 lbs / 3 kg (litter only)
Weight: 9.8 lbs / 4.5 kg (litter with backpack)