Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster

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The newly upgraded Ankle Medical Holster is a medical kit carrier designed to be worn around the user's ankle. Lightweight and comfortable, it can be worn as part of your everyday carry whether you are civilian, law enforcement, or military. Upgrades include rounded corners, a 2 x 3 PALS panel, red pull tab, padding for comfort, and an improved fit. Designed to fit a CAT or SOFTT-W Gen 3 Tourniquet, 4" Israeli Emergency Bandage, and 2 pairs of Gloves. It can also accommodate a SWAT-T, needle decompression kit or other items. A stocked version is available as well.


  • Elastic storage bands and pouches
  • Customizable to user preferences
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Main Pouch has a red tab for instant identification
  • Three pockets plus a 2 x 3 PALS ladder

Dimensions (open): 5.25" H x 19" W (open)
Dimensions: 9" - 16" (intended fit circumference)
Weight: 4 oz






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  • 4
    Great Product

    Posted by Jennifer on 02 07 2019

    This product is wonderful. The fit is great and I can carry all my important supplies with me without bulky pockets. The holster could use more fully covered pockets but overall a great product.

  • 4
    All-in-all a good deal.

    Posted by Eldon Headrick on 05 11 2018

    I have worn this medical holster for a few weeks now. All-in-all its been very confortable. I keep a tourniquet, a roll of hemostatic dressing, two vented chest seals, and a small marker in my kit. I would give it 5 stars if the other two pickets had a flap to secure the contents as well as the larger picket. I have had both a CAT and a SOFT-T fall out as I worked through the day getting in and out of my vehicle. I ended up using a thick rubber band to secure the tourniquet in the holster.

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    you better have big ankles

    Posted by gundog on 05 02 2018

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I intended to wear this product around my ankle with low-top hikers. Way to big for that. The only way I can use it is if I wear it above my calf. Is that where it is supposed to be worn? I guess it would work well over a boot. Very well made though. Rescue Essentials response: Thank you for your input. Based on this feedback, we will be including ankle circumference min/max specs into the product description in the near future. We greatly appreciate your communication!

  • 5
    Best one I've bought yet

    Posted by Rob on 02 06 2018

    I've bought over a half dozen ankle IFAK holsters trying to find the best one, and I finally found it. The size is perfect whether I'm wearing my daily hiking-type shoes and jeans, or my 8" 5.11 duty boots and BDU's. Plenty of room for adjustment for either position. I keep mine nice and compact by way of what I carry: Celox Rapid Ribbon, mini compression bandage, two 4x4 petrolatum gauze, 6' flat folded Gorilla tape, flat folded SOFFT-W, 5" shears, and a pair of gloves. The large pouch with the Velcro flap is the perfect size for the mini compression bandage, petro gauze and the tape. TQ in the pocket right next to it. Then the Celox and gloves in the outside pocket. The shears are tucked into the PALS ladder next to the Celox and held in place with a short piece of double sided Velcro. This holster does not move around, stays securely Velcro'd together, and with the items I'm using is undetectable. It took me getting undressed and my wife seeing me take it off before she even knew I was even wearing it under my jeans. With the extra PALS room, I'll probably use a couple more double sided Velcro strips and attach an NPA. Nice job RE!!

  • 3

    Posted by ANON on 12 20 2017

    Average guy here. Want something for work to carry trauma med supplies so my pockets are not so full. The design of this item is over-sized for what it carries. Could be 2/3 the physical foot print and accomplish the task at holding two RAT tourniquets, gloves, an IZZY 4", possibly combat gauze. Of course there is only one competitor to this item so its what I currently have to work with. 1-2 inches longer overall than necessary. Might be a good thing offering two sizes a small / medium and a medium / large and publish overall physical size so the buyer will can measure their own leg to see if will fit.

  • 4
    Good if it fits your needs

    Posted by Matt on 12 12 2017

    I carry this on 8" boots and carry a SOFTT-W Tourniquet and Cleer Medical Dressing. It's comfortable, it stays in place, and really isn't visible. From a duty standpoint... it's fantastic. If you are thinking of carrying this with low cut boots or tennis shoes... I would reconsider. It's too large for that application and would not stay in place. It does it's job and get's 4 stars for that.

  • 5
    After my EDC experience, this is a gift to a family LEO

    Posted by Kevin W Donohue on 12 06 2017

    This is a great item! Well designed, carries immediate TECC needs. It's NOT bulky, it IS comfortable for EDC, and it's discreet. My son-in-law is a LEO and was wanting something other than a larger kit to add to an already crowded duty belt or left in the car. This item is PERFECT!

  • 5
    Great Kit

    Posted by Sean Townsend on 12 03 2017

    I really like this kit. It is comfortable to wear and it really disappears under a pant leg. I was able to duplicate the contents of the Dark Angel Medical lite D.A.R.K. into this rig. 1 SOFT-W TQ, 1 H&H Mini Compression Bandage, QuickClot Combat Gauze, Hyfin Vent Compact chest seals, 4" mini trauma shears, 2 pairs of rolled nitrile gloves, and a sharpie. If you separate the Hyfiin chest seals and wrap them around the QC gauze and bandage, you can fit that as a package into the big pouch. TQ goes in one smaller pouch and gloves in the other. Shears and sharpie in the molle webbing.

  • 5
    Great overall medical kit!

    Posted by Oscar on 07 01 2017

    This kit allows me to carry a full medical kit on duty without the bulk of a full drop leg med pouch. I carry the following on the ankle rig... (1) CAT TQ (1) Quik Clot Combat Gauze LE (1) 4in. Israeli Bandage (1) CPR Face Shield (1) Pair of Hyfin Vent Chest Seals (1) No.28 NPA w/ lube (1) Full size Trauma Shears (1) Sharpie Overall great little rig to run!