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No matter how fast EMS responds, it may not be fast enough, as a person can bleed to death in as little as five minutes. Rapid access to emergency bleeding control products by the public reduces time to treatment, and saves lives in incidents involving severe hemorrhage. This is the basis for the Department of Homeland Security's Stop the Bleed program, a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives.

The Rescue Essentials Stop the Bleed - Dual Treatment Kit - Intermediate provides two, identical Stop The Bleed Modules - Intermediate containing the medical products needed to "Stop the Bleed". This intermediate version includes a twin-pack of chest seals and a survival blanket, on top of the basic Stop the Bleed components. This compact kit fits into most existing AED cabinets without costly modifications. With the red nylon pouch for  high visibility and clear "BLEEDING CONTROL" labeling, this kit is easy to identify for the layperson for rapid action.

Each Stop the Bleed Module includes (2 Modules Per Kit):

1   Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
2   S-Rolled Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yds
1   Emergency Trauma Dressing, 4"
1   Hyfin Vent COMPACT Chest Seal, Twin Pack
1   Survival Blanket
1   EMT Shears, 5.5"

1   Mini Sharpie Marker
1   Bleeding Control Kit Instruction Card
2   Nitrile Gloves

Dimensions: 8.5" W x 5" H x 4" D
Weight: 24 oz

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Dimensions: 8.5" H x 5" W x 4" D
Weight: 1 lbs 8 oz

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