Medical Kits

We build IFAKs and tactical medical kits for all most every conceivable situation and application, from the minimally trained outdoorsman to the veteran combat medic or paramedic. Our kits range in size from the smallest tactical IFAK to massive trunk-sized Recompression Dive kits. If you already know what type of kit you are searching for (tactical IFAK, general use etc.), use the pull-down menu under Medical Kits (above left) to help narrow your search.

It is important that the contents of your IFAK are matched to your level of training and the type of injuries you are most likely to treat, so careful reading of contents lists is a must. Another consideration is the way it is packaged and contained—there is no point in paying for an elaborate thigh-rig if it is going to end up in a pack or vehicle. Please check out our extensive IFAK selection, as well as our EMS and First Responder offerings. 

For custom quotes, see our Contract Sales page.